Fraternal Order of Eagles

Maumee Aerie #2562






If you would like to get an e-mail message regarding events that 

are happening  in our Club please send an e-mail message to

 Diana at 

We have many events that are open to the public.  

If you are a member at our Club and have submitted your e-mail 

address you do not have to do it again, unless your addressed changed.  

We will not share e-mail addresses with anyone else.


2019 Saturday 

10/5, 11/9


Doors open 7 game starts at 8

27 Games

25 Meat Bingo games for $5

2 Coverall games

Players can purchase multiple packets of 25 cards

Only one winner per meat bingo game.

Last game coverall all money goes to winner

Questions contact Diana 419 410-3691

Steak Diner 5 - 8

Weekend Kitchen  

  saturday   Closed 

Sunday  Closed 


Remember that the weekly drawing is held every Saturday night at 9pm and you do need to be present. The club is also a great place to watch Nascar, Football (NFL and College) or Basketball. There are 4 TV’s available. Come check out the new Media Hub for what is happening at the club


CURRENT EVENTS      WI-FI now available in our Club

            Monday – Euchre

            Tuesday – Free pool & shuffleboard

            Wednesday – Western Dance

            Thursday – Pool league, 

            Friday – Fish Fry, Jack of Diamonds, Karaoke

            Saturday – Free pool & shuffleboard

            Sunday – NASCAR, "Golf Package" "Football"

                watch  multiple games at the same time

UPCOMING EVENTS               Open to the Public 

Sunday 9/29 Pigs in Blanket

Saturday 10/5 Meat Bingo and Steak Roast

Sunday 10/20 Big Boy Sunday

Saturday 11/9 Meat Bingo and Steak Roast

Thursday 11/21 Wine, Cheese & Crackers

All Dinners and Meat Bingo  



We have limited the times we will be mailing our newsletter because of costs. 

We will however send an E-Mail of events happening or you can pick up a current calendar at the bar. 

Please give your E-mail address to the Aerie/Auxiliary Secretary. 

  There is a list at the bar that you can add your E-mail address or call and we will add to the list for you.  

If you have E-mail and provided address to the Aerie/Auxiliary Secretary and have not received a weekly reminder of events for the week - below are some of the reasons you’re not receiving our E-mail.  The E-mail address we will be sending from is  Please add this address in your contact list.

1.  Your mail could not be delivered because the recipient is only accepting mail from specific email addresses.  

If you feel you received this in error, please contact the recipient directly and ask them to check their email settings.

2. Failure: Sorry, this mailbox only accepts mail from known senders. ##

3. Recipient unknown ##

4. Changed your e-mail account and forgot to update e-mail with Aerie/Auxiliary Secretary.  Exp: This user doesn't have an account