Fraternal Order of Eagles

Maumee Aerie #2562






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are happening  in our Club please send an e-mail message to

 Diana at 

We have many events that are open to the public.  

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address you do not have to do it again, unless your addressed changed.  

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3/9, 4/6, 5/11, 

9/14, 10/5 & 11/9



Doors open 7 game starts at 8

27 Games

25 Meat Bingo games for $5

2 Coverall games

Players can purchase multiple packets of 25 cards

Only one winner per meat bingo game.

Last game coverall all money goes to winner

Questions contact Diana 419 410-3691

Steak Diner 5 - 7:45

The club is also a great place to watch Nascar, Football (NFL and College) or Basketball. There are 4 TV’s available. Come check out the new Media Hub for what is happening at the club


CURRENT EVENTS      WI-FI now available in our Club

            Monday – Euchre  

            Tuesday – Free pool  

            Wednesday –  Last Wednesday of month drawing

            Thursday – Pool league

            Friday – Jack of Diamonds  

            Saturday – Free pool 

            Sunday – NASCAR, "Golf Package" "Football"

                watch  multiple games at the same time

UPCOMING EVENTS               Open to the Public 

  Saturday, 3/9 - Steak Roast & Meat Bingo

 Saturday 4/6 - Steak Roast & Meat Bingo

 Saturday 5/11 - Steak Roast & Meat Bingo

 Saturday 9/14 - Steak Roast & Meat Bingo

 Saturday 10/5 - Steak Roast & Meat Bingo

 Saturday 11/9 - Steak Roast & Meat Bingo

All Dinners and Meat Bingo